CP Danmark - The Danish Association of Cerebral Palsy

The Danish Association of Cerebral Palsy, DACP (CP Danmark) is an advocacy group which works to improve conditions and life quality for people with cerebral palsy and their near relatives.

DACP’s goal is clear and simple:

People with cerebral palsy should have the same opportunities as everybody else to live an active, rich and independent life.

DACP operates in many fields and has numerous offers for members.

Political activity

DACP is a political mouthpiece for its members’ interests, and it fights to ensure the best opportunities for people with cerebral palsy. Its continual political activity covers all areas that are significant for our members, at all political levels both centrally and locally.

Advice to members

Social workers and psychologists at DACP give targeted, coherent and comprehensive advice to the parents of children with cerebral palsy as well as to young people, adults and the elderly with cerebral palsy.

Local branches

DACP has 15 local branches spread throughout the country which activate members locally, arrange events and work for the interests of members in the local community.


CP Youth (CP Ung) is the youth association of DACP, which looks after the interests of young people in all areas ranging from disability politics to virtual Friday bars.

Courses and networks

DACP holds courses about life with cerebral palsy. It offers weekend courses, after-work meetings and day courses as well as on-line courses.

Advisory Representatives

The network of advisory representatives under DACP gives members the possibility of having a representative of their own choice present at meetings with the local municipal authorities.

Updates about cerebral palsy

DACP provides information and communicates about political issues, the daily life of members, new offers for members, and other items which are relevant for people with cerebral palsy and their near relatives. The information is disseminated amongst other places in our members’ magazine 'CP INDBLIK' (CP INSIGHT), online here at cpdanmark.dk, in our newsletter and on the social media.

If you are interested in hearing more about DACP, or if you wish to become a member, please contact our secretariat by telephone at +45 38 88 45 75 or by mail: cpdanmark@cpdanmark.dk

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