Assistance to Ukrainian refugees

Assistance to Ukrainian refugees

CP Denmark has social and psychological counseling available to refugees from Ukraine with cerebral palsy or a similar disability.

Children, young people and adults with cerebral palsy, their relatives or people that help people with cerebral palsy can contact CP Denmark and CP Denmark's counseling free of charge.

You can either contact our advice directly by phone:

Social work counseling: +45 38 14 88 98

Psychological counseling: +45 38 88 45 95

or can call the special number that the association has set up for the purpose: 38 88 03 09.

You can also write to the association at

The Alsace Foundation - a large foundation that supports people with cerebral palsy - has made some of their disability-accessible pilot apartments available to refugees from Ukraine. CP Danmark is happy to offer the contact to the Alsace Foundation and the practical and financial support opportunities the foundation offers.

In case of need for help in addition to what is described here, contact director Mogens Wiederholt on telephone 20 46 06 37.

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